What size diamond painting is better?

Diamond paintings come in many different sizes, from 12 x 8 inches to 64 x 40 inches. Large paintings are more clearly defined than small ones. The smaller the painting size, the less detailed the final image will be, while the larger the size, the more realistic the image will be. For beginners, the recommended diamond painting size is small.

This will give them less work to do, so they don't get tired of the project so easily. Diamond painting can be a long and complicated process at first. It can get tired if you have to make a big painting, so you should start with something small and manageable. Diamond paintings come in all kinds of sizes, from small (20 x 17 cm) to large (60 x 45 cm).

A general rule of thumb when deciding what size is right for your image is that smaller images have much less detail when complete. If you're buying a diamond painting kit, you'll want to make sure the final size is right for the type of image you want to create. For example, a full 20 cm by 20 cm diamond painting will require 6,400 diamonds. So, to get the same quality as that of 20 cm by 20 cm for 40 cm by 40 cm, you will need 25 000 diamonds.

You can choose from a wide variety of paintings to start with, from unicorns to dogs and landscapes. Intermediate users will appreciate the difficulty of this vibrant and colorful Christmas scene with its square diamonds. Just keep in mind that increasing the size also increases the price, so pay close attention to how much you pay for your painting when selecting sizes. However, large and extra-large diamond paintings require a lot of skill, experience and patience, so these painting sizes are recommended only for people who have practiced this skill and easily find smaller paintings.

Before you start processing what combination of colors and shades you should opt for, it's vital to understand how it will affect your custom diamond painting canvas. Smaller sizes are suitable for paintings that contain a single image or a landscape that does not need precise details because the image is often pixelated, in small paintings, which decreases clarity. Larger image means better resolution and sharper details, and the finished diamond painting shines brighter. The canvas is larger than the picture, and when the diamond painting has full coverage, the entire image is glued.

Most of the time avoid buying diamond painting kits that only have the pictorial representation of what the work is about. The most common diamond painting sizes are grouped according to small, medium, large and extra-large, and each group contains several different dimensions. However, it is possible to make a diamond painting on a canvas with a cross-stitch pattern, which means that you will have to choose the right size of the canvas. The canvas allows users to quickly see colors to avoid eye strain, while the adhesive is strong enough to ensure that the diamonds stay in place even if they are displayed on a wall.

The diamond painting kits include the right size canvas, so you don't have to worry about finding the right canvas size. Ideal for adults, this beautiful 5D diamond painting of the moon is of the highest quality and will keep anyone busy for days. The full square drill looks like a mosaic, so some people use the term “diamond mosaic” to paint with diamonds.