How many colors of dmc diamond painting are there?

There are 447 different DMC numbers together, which means there are 447 different colored diamonds available for use when painting with diamonds. Each DMC number can contain 447 diamonds of different colors, which means that diamonds can be used differently if they are painted. We offer 447 DMC colors in Square Drills and 445 DMC colors in Round Drills. We are currently unable to purchase round drills in DMC Blanc %26 Ecru.

Among the Diamond Dotz colors, in addition to normal DMC analogs, there are also Aurora Borealis, Metallics, Neon %26 Glow-in-The Dark. The package does not include any special diamonds, including clear diamonds, special diamonds or AB diamonds. With a DMC color chart, you can compare the holes of these other brands and determine which number of DMC they correspond to. The colors are an approximation of what diamond painting bits should look like according to DMC color guidelines.

In addition to our famous customs, we also offer the widest range of diamond painting products in one online store. That's why it's a good idea to track down and add the piercers from other paintings to your existing collection. In 3D diamonds there are three facets on each side, while in 5D they have five facets on each side of the dial. Almost all diamond painters choose not to use their Diamond Dotz, as the drill only comes in the round.

If you can't find time to commit to a full project, or if you want to involve the youngest in their first diamond art experience, we have something for all ages, tastes and budgets. Gemologists examining diamonds use 27 shades of color in a spectrum of 2600 colors, which is considered a colorless state. Because of this fact, you can also increase the diamond allowance if you have a more specific color requirement. However, the main difference is that the diamond painting chart features close-up images of additional rhinestones that can be used to determine the color you have.

In diamond painting, brilliant resin diamonds are applied in different colors to a self-adhesive surface. Let's start with the fact that DMC, Diamond Dotz and AB drills are all diamond painting bits. A painter uses an applicator to use hundreds, one per color, of sparkling resin rhinestones in a painting on colored canvas.