What do you do with a finished diamond painting?

If you just finished a diamond painting and you want it to last, then finishing and sealing the painting is your best option. Applying sealant to paint is optional, but it helps secure the glass in place so you can preserve, frame and hang your art. After letting the glue dry, you will measure two inches around the diamond ledge with the face of your artwork resting on the flat surface or cutting mat. Another popular option is to purchase a support board with the intention of leaving a defined border around the diamond painting so that the stand serves as a frame or mat for diamond art.

Keep in mind that most diamond art paintings have borders around the image that you may want to cut before framing it. When you're done, you'll have a large cross shape that will become your full framed diamond art, and there will be four small squares or rectangles that you've cut out. Creating your own frame is an excellent option for the hobbyist whose interests go beyond diamond painting and delves into the world of carpentry. But how? We like to add a top stamp to keep all the diamond beads safe and then put them in an elegant frame to hang them on the walls of our home or office.

If you are using a form-fitting glass cover on a frame that places the diamond painting beads firmly between the glass and the back of the frame, it may not be necessary to seal your art before framing. To keep the diamonds in place, I put 2 layers of Mod Podge over the dp, taking the extra step of wiping the top of the diamonds with a damp cloth so that it still has all the sparkle. This option is ideal for more elaborate or larger diamond artwork that you want to display on a shelf or other prominent position in your home or workplace. Generously apply standard glue to the front of the pre-stretched canvas, then carefully place the finished diamond canvas onto the pre-stretched canvas frame.

The easiest option is simply to cut the excess canvas with sharp scissors designed for fabric or crafts, and this option is certainly used by many diamond painters, especially for works of art with smaller diamonds. This method of framing and visualization also provides a three-dimensional effect to the work, since the edges are wrapped with diamonds. A diamond painting would be a great gift for your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. I have been working diamond paintings for about 2 years and have tried many techniques, from DIY to in-store shopping.

Now that your beautiful Diamond Dotz canvas is finished, you may want to frame it for everyone to see.