How many colors of diamond drill are there?

We offer 447 DMC colors in Square Drills and 445 DMC colors in Round Drills. Among the Diamond Dotz colors, in addition to normal DMC analogs, there are also Aurora Borealis, Metallics, Neon %26 Glow-in-The Dark. The thing to keep in mind is that although the DMC numbers are always the same, there may be differences in tone. If you order paints from different sellers, you are likely to find different shades of the same color.

So if you have, for example, 444 of two different squares, one color may be lighter or darker than the other. You can mix them as long as you don't have large areas of the same color. Because then if you maybe put half with one shadow and then put the other with another, you can see a border where the color changes. Let's start with the fact that DMC, Diamond Dotz and AB drills are all diamond painting bits.

Understanding DMC's color chart for diamond painting is very easy once you get the hang of it. However, the main difference is that the diamond painting chart features close-up images of additional rhinestones that can be used to determine the color you have. There are 447 different DMC numbers together, which means there are 447 different colored diamonds available for use when painting with diamonds. In addition to our famous customs, we also offer the widest range of diamond painting products in one online store.

You probably need to contact the company you bought it from and ask them for a copy, or you could ask on Facebook in Diamond Painting groups if anyone has it and they can make a copy for you.