How many colors of diamond dots are there?

Bring your imagination to life with our Diamond Dotz Freestyle range. Buy over 400 individual colors, stickers and high quality canvases to bring your custom design to life. Among the Diamond Dotz colors, in addition to normal DMC analogs, there are also Aurora Borealis, Metallics, Neon %26 Glow-in-The Dark. In other words, if you have a pack of pink diamond drills with color code 605, you can go to a craft store and buy DMC embroidery thread of the same color with the same code.

This gives you the great advantage of buying any quantity you need regardless of the size of the DIY diamond painting. You can also use the following table as a reference if your kit is missing diamonds or if you have lost some and want to buy replacement diamonds. Instead of creating a patented system for identifying colors by number, it makes logical sense to use this existing standardized system to identify the various colors of diamond drill bits. Order today to complete your custom diamond painting project — there are no limits to what you can create.

But what is the difference, you ask? First of all, these are all different color codes of diamonds. There are 447 different DMC numbers together, which means there are 447 different colored diamonds available for use when painting with diamonds. If you choose to print it for reference when preparing your own diamond painting, use a very high quality laser printer to ensure the accuracy of your color samples. Let's start with the fact that DMC, Diamond Dotz and AB drills are all diamond painting bits.

This number can also be found in the symbol table that lets you know which diamond color corresponds to each symbol on your canvas. Freestyle custom diamond art allows you to create your own design in 2 ways, depending on the desired result.